A Helping Hand 

Anon wanted some flirty Jagan in the kitchen, and what anon asks, anon receives. I hope you like this.


Logan closed his books at the kitchen counter, smiling as he faced the nothingness that was the rest of his night. Not only had Gustavo cut their rehearsal short, but he’d finished all of his homework ahead of schedule, and he began to think of what he could do to fill the time. Packing his backpack, he felt a presence behind him, and turned to see James standing there, waiting for him to finish.

"Did you need something?" Logan asked, setting his backpack aside. He had no problem helping his friends with their homework, but the inspiration never seemed to strike them. "Is it chemistry again?"

"Sort of," James admitted, rubbing the back of his neck. "I kind of need your help."

"With?" Logan asked, still confused. James went up on his toes suspiciously before resting again on his heels.

"Well I lost this bet with Kendall," he started, and Logan rolled his eyes. "So now I have to make him two dozen red velvet cupcakes, and I don’t know how to bake."

"And this concerns me because…" Logan began, but he knew from the moment James smiled at him that he was caught. Nobody could argue with that smile. It would be like kicking a puppy or telling a kid that Santa didn’t exist.

"Please Logie?" he asked, and he began to move about the kitchen pulling out bowls and utensils. James followed him, obviously not realizing that he’d already convinced his friend. "Plus, you help me with chemistry all the time. This is almost the same thing. It just tastes better."

Logan couldn’t help but smile, and he had no trouble confirming, “As long as you help. What bet did you lose anyway?”

"The usual. I bet him I could pick up this blonde at the pool, but he sabotaged me and I ended up soaking wet as she laughed at me from her beach chair," James shrugged, as Logan pointed toward the refrigerator, naming off ingredients as James retrieved them.

Logan chuckled to himself, and he had to ask, “What did he throw at you?”

"Nerf football," James confirmed. "You’d think I’d have more balance than that, but he came from my blind spot."

"It’s okay. We all know Kendall plays dirty," Logan comforted him, and James nodded. Having finally gathered the ingredients, Logan looked over the haul and realized there was something missing.

Motioning to the cupboard above him, he asked James, “I’m too short to get the mixer, do you think you could?”

James smiled at the question, but chose not to mock Logan when he was in the middle of helping him. Without snark, he leaned over Logan to reach the cupboard, accidentally brushing up against Logan’s chest in the process. It obviously wasn’t the first time this had happened, after years of wrestling and full-contact hockey, but this time Logan had to clear his throat, caught up in the smell of chlorine and body spray that was James. Admittedly, he smelled amazing.

But that wasn’t a thought that was supposed to cross his mind and he shook his head to remove it, feeling a blush creep onto his cheeks as James withdrew, handing him the appliance.

"Do you need anything else?" he asked, rearranging things on the counter to feel useful, and a few thoughts crossed Logan’s mind that he dared not say aloud. To get laid by the looks of it, because how do your arms even…

He hoped James was distracted enough not to notice the redness of his cheeks as he got to work, alternating between doing things himself and asking James, knowing that the older man could help with simpler tasks. Finally allowing James to take over once it was time to beat the batter, he began to search the cupboards for a container of frosting.

"Does this taste alright?" James asked him, and as he turned to answer, he found James’s finger in his mouth, covered in red velvet cake batter, and he licked it off the tip before he could stop himself. He wondered if James had noticed how inherently sexual the gesture was, but only for a moment as hazel eyes followed the motion of his finger as it left Logan’s lips. James bit his lip as he waited for an answer.

He could only nod as he motioned toward the cupcake pan, and he took an extra spoon so they could fill the tray in half the time. Once they’d finished that much, he put the tray in the oven and set the timer for the appropriate amount of time. Leaning against the counter, James began to thank him again for helping, and Logan wondered why he was being uncharacteristically altruistic. The James he was used to would have used this time to disappear, rather than put away ingredients and wipe down the countertop.

"I don’t know why you didn’t think you could do this yourself," Logan insisted, handing James one of the two batter-covered spoons. He began to suck on his and James did the same. Logan found he couldn’t look at the boy as his tongue lapped up the pink batter, and turned to face the same wall.

Pausing, James withdrew the spoon from his mouth, “I probably could have. Especially with all the instructions on the box. But you were right there, and I…I like it when you teach me things.”

"Well I like teaching you. But may I ask why?" he said curiously, always needing to know more information.

James couldn’t meet his eyes, and he took a pensive lick of batter before confessing, “You care. You’re so calm and patient, and you really want me to do better, and it’s kind of nice. And then I get to spend time with you on top of that, and I really love being around you.”

"You do?" Logan asked. This took him aback, as he’d always felt like the outsider in the group of energetic teenagers, stalking off to read a book whenever they got too rowdy. But the way James was looking at him, he was suddenly aware of how important he was to his attractive friend.

James smiled in earnest, and Logan fell again for the irresistible grin, as James confirmed, “I’ve never been more glad to lose a bet.”

His mouth opened in astonishment, and he caught James’s eyes before moving again to his smile, where there was a dab of batter smudged at the corner of his lips. Not able to stop himself, he reached up to rub his thumb along James’s bottom lip, his grin slowly decreasing as James stared into his eyes intensely.

Removing the last of the batter, he brought his thumb to his own mouth and sucked on it for a moment, removing the rest of the batter with a swirl of his tongue. James followed his every movement, and bit his own lip and his voice came out, soft and husky, “Logie…”

He began to lean forward, and just as Logan was about to move forward to meet him, they were interrupted by a tall blond entering the front door. They both jumped backwards and made themselves busy, James with opening the frosting, and Logan removing the pan out of the oven.

Kendall made his way to the kitchen, not noticing the tension that was suddenly present between his friends, and he stuck his finger in the jar of frosting before James swatted him away.

"I think getting Logan to help is cheating," Kendall teased, as he licked the frosting off his finger. Logan found that watching Kendall do what he’d watched James do didn’t have the same effect, and it made him curious as to what exactly their friend had interrupted.

He looked at James to confirm his feelings, and found a pair of hazel eyes staring at him, the thoughts crossing his mind as well. Turning to Kendall he defended their actions, “Well I think knocking James into the pool was cheating. If it weren’t for you he might have a date tonight. And instead he’s frosting cupcakes.”

"It wouldn’t have lasted," Kendall observed, and when they both looked at him for answers he shrugged, "James has a thing for brunettes."

Logan wondered how Kendall could be so ignorant to the flushing of their cheeks and their almost robotic movements as they both felt the need to explore whatever was about to occur before Kendall had walked in. Unable to function any longer, his whole body longing for confirmation, Logan took the jar of frosting that James was holding and shoved it toward Kendall, “You won cupcakes. Those are cupcakes. If you want frosting, frost them yourself.”

Grabbing James by the wrist, he dragged him toward his room, and when Kendall asked where they were going, his answer was short, “For once, I think it’s time James taught me something.”

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